Purpose of the Parish Team

A parish is a stable community of Christ’s faithful established within the Diocese, whose pastoral care, under the authority of the Diocesan Bishop, is entrusted to a Parish Priest as its proper pastor. The Parish is established to promote the baptismal calling of all the members of the parish in the planning and execution of the pastoral ministry of the parish, founded on an authentic sense of ecclesiastical communion.

The Parish Team of Holy Trinity was reconstituted in April 2009.

The Parish Team, presided over by the Parish Priest, is made up of members of the parish community. It’s primary function is to collaborate actively and in a spirit of mutual service with Parish Priest in the development and planning of the pastoral care and apostolic effectiveness of the parish, including missionary, catechetical and apostolic initiatives and the promotion of doctrinal formation and the sacramental life of the parish.

Members of the Committee are:

Father Brian Kenwrick (Parish Priest)

Deacon Brian Everall

Peter Sergeant – Chair

Elizabeth Davies – Secretary

Mary Meyer

Jill Mewton

Rita Derbyshire

Ximena Alvarez

Peter Lambe

Michael Barton

Rosemary Ward

Therese Chiswell


Minutes from Parish meetings are kept in the office and available on request for viewing.