Dear Parishioners,

I just wish to bring you an update in these difficult times, as the only Priest serving this area.  There is much that has to be done behind the scenes arranging Sacrament and Pastoral concerns under very restrictive circumstances.  Some of the decisions made are a compromise and may not suit every individual.  I ask for your prayers and tolerance during these uncertain times.

As you can appreciate, we are doing our absolute best to try and get as many Masses up and running as possible.  At present we have four Sunday Masses taking place over the weekend.  I have tried to ensure that as many Parishioners as possible can attend Mass.  Our Parish boundaries go from Porthtowan in the West to just outside Padstow in the East.  The southern boundary is the A30 and Chacewater.

At present we have Mass Saturday evening at 6pm in Most Holy Trinity and 8:30 and 10:30 Mass on Sunday morning.  We stream Masses on Facebook for those who are still shielding and we have added a TV in our hall so that we can accommodate more Parishioners with social distancing, which we still have to abide by.

Canonically a Priest should say no more than three masses a day, given that the Parish church is the Most Holy Trinity, this has to be the priority for Mass.  As St Agnes is at the other end of the Parish boundary, it makes sense that Mass is celebrated there on Sunday at 6.00 pm, so that everybody has the possibility to attend mass and not have to travel more than 30 minutes at the most.

This will be reviewed regularly.

Please keep me in your prayers

God Bless


Fr. Anthony O’Gorman (Parish Priest)